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Torrid Art's tagline is 'Explicit. Natural. Radiant.' It is a nude glamour photography site from self-taught Ryder Aedan Perry who began taking photos in 2005 and Torrid Art was then launched in 2006 and continues on with steady updates. Photos dominate here as there are now around a decade's worth of galleries totaling nearly a thousand. Video content definitely takes a back seat with less than twenty total. Many sites in this genre are dominated by Russian or Eastern European models but Torrid is more focused on USA girls and then has a bit of variety with some European, Canadian, Philippines, and other places.

The Pros

Exclusive Erotic Natural Glamour Photography, Stylish Stuff.

Torrid has a nice blend of styles in its photography. As part of their tagline says they go for 'Natural' girls so while the images are stylish and high-resolution the models have a more everyday amateur feel than what you see from a lot of glamour photography sites. I also love the heavier focus on USA models along with a sprinkling of European and other foreign girls for variety. Most are white but there are also more than a few black, asian, and latina girls included as well.

Ultra High-Res Photos, Four Image Sizes for Online & Zip Files.

You would expect to see high-quality photos from a site like this and that is what they offer. For years now they've been at images of 4000x2667 for their highest resolution. Even way back in the early couple years from a decade ago sets have 3000x2000. Galleries have four image sized for both online viewing and zip downlo

Consistent Updates & Model Index with Info on the Girls.

The main browsing tool is a year/month chronological list of the updates. They've been at it since 2006 with a couple of additions per week typically and at least once per week when things slow down. The model index not only links through to the girls' content items but also has written summaries about them, country of origin, and physical stats. Overall the site design is clean and professional that fits nicely with the content style.

Other Good Stuff:

- There is a behind-the-scenes content section and they mix in BTS galleries to the regular content updates. It's fun to see the models in pre or post activity in addition to the main glamour style images. - Zip files have clear video file size information posted. A lot of sites leave off that bit of info on the zips so it's nice that Torrid provides it. - The photographer webmaster has a blog with written and photo posts. Full archive of that are available to users. There are also a few background for users to download and a 'Seven Photography Tips' advice section too.

The Cons

Not Many Videos, Few Models With Vids, Rare Updates There.

Torrid does venture into videos as part of their content but it is a very, very minor part of what the site offers. The total number remains less than twenty even after the site has been around for about ten years. For nearly all the models you're going to find only photo content. They only rarely put new videos only at around two or three per year. The videos are more like videos of the photo shoots with camera snaps and flash bulbs going off.

Minor Negatives:

- All the behind-the-scenes content is photos. I would have loved to have seen them mix in some BTS videos in there as well. - The webmaster bog has tapered off at time of this review. There haven't been any posts there in about four months so it is not clear what is going on with that at this point. - There is a daily download limit as noted in the site's terms of service which can be reached if you're downloading around 10-20 of the larger sized image gallery zips.

Bottom Line

Stylish exclusive glamour photography with an emphasis on natural, amateur & American girls.

Torrid Art fits into the glamour photography genre with ultra high-res pictures and artistic erotic softcore shoots. What I feel is sort of different from a lot of other glamour photo sites is that Torrid goes with more models from the U.S. and they have more of an everyday natural amateur look. The videos section is something they have never gotten around to building up so photos are really what make up virtually the entire content focus here. The site blog has gone quiet but content updates continue as they've been doing since the site launched about ten years back.

Visit site All content is exclusive (advertised as 100% exclusive). There is no download limit!


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